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Suggest a Site

To suggest a womens fashion store or website to add to our directory, just use the contact us form and make sure you include:

  • the store name and URL
  • a brief description
  • contact information if not available on the site
  • whether you would be willing to add a link back to us

Please note the we'll only be able to list stores in our main womens fashion categories when they adhere to our S T A R criteria. I.e. the site must be:

  • S Secure: online checkout must be secure and data transfer of credit card information is encrypted

  • T Trusted: contact information and address have to be clearly available on the website. If no telephone number is available, we will require one before we consider listing your store.
  • A Authentic: all clothing and accessories sold must be authentic items and not fakes or replicate merchandise
  • R Returns: a clear UK returns policy and procedure has to be available

When we accept your website, you can also display our STAR approved logo on your website. This gives any customer an additional sense of trust, since we'll have reviewed your website. In all likeliness, we'll also test your returns policy.

Below our example links and images you can use as reciprocal links:

Code to Copy to your site Example of what the link looks like
STAR approved by UK Womens Clothing
STAR approved by UK Womens Clothing
Find us at UKWomensClothing.co.uk
Online Directory of Secure and Trusted Womens Fashion Shops

Feel free to copy the image to your own server and amend any HTML as appropriate.

Many thanks in advance for suggesting your womenswear store to us.

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